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Ffrees: The Current Account reinvented

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"It’s my family’s money. Ffrees is helping us get it back!"

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What is the Ffrees Account?


Whoever you are, whatever you earn, and wherever you live, Ffrees has created the first current account to help you save up. It is a very different and modern alternative to any other current account available.

We have completely re-invented the current account to be more relevant to the needs of families today.

  • Anyone 18 or over living in the UK can open an account
  • Signing up is simple and takes a few minutes
  • Manage your money online with UK customer service
  • Option of SMS confirmations and balances whenever you spend
  • Bill payment and budgeting system (so you don't find yourself short at the end of the month)
  • Ffrees unique save-up as you spend philosophy
  • You get Ffrees Savings Points when you spend through 1000 Ffrees Retailers
  • Each Ffrees Savings Point = £1
  • Access to your choice of loans, mortgage, investment, or any other sort of financial service 

Unlike other current accounts, we make our money from the retailers and providers you choose, not by taking interest from your money, or from charges you didn't expect. And then we share this with you as Ffrees Savings Points. Now that really is very different indeed. After all, as little Lizzie says: "It's our money", and at Ffrees we understand this.