Almost there. Being a part of the UNbank is within touching distance.

You’re only a few short steps away from a current account that’s been designed especially to help you help yourself.

With no credit checks, you’ll simply need to prove your identity to get started. What are you waiting for?



With 3 different monthly charges, a range of transaction fees, added ffreebies and the chance to move plans whenever you want, you can adjust how you pay to match your usage.

Give it a go. Slide to the left, or slide to the right, and watch the fees change.

Choose your Price Point

5 month

Transaction Fees

Bank Transfer
Overseas Debit Card
UK Debit Card
Monthly fee - No standard monthly fee, however a £2 Dormancy Charge will apply if your account has not been used for two consecutive months.

UK Debit Card Transactions - this charge is for any UK transaction where you pay for something using your Ffrees Card, regardless of how it takes place (e.g. online, over the phone or in-store). The charge doesn't apply for ATM withdrawals or other account-related transactions. Please refer to the pricing above for information on non-UK transactions.

Choose Your Freebie

  • Ffrees in Five

    1. A current account that helps you save
    2. Tools to help you manage your money
    3. Fair pricing and choice of how you pay
    4. Everyone can have an account
    5. We treat all people equally well

    The people's unbank

  • understand

    Jam Jars let you put your money to one side, still in your account but not in danger of being spent by accident. Instead of trying to control how people bank, we’ve created a current account that helps you to help yourself.

  • unhidden

    A current account cannot be free. It can pretend to be free, or it can rely on selling you debt and charging penalties. Or someone else can pay. But there’s always a cost. At Ffrees we make the costs clear, for anyone to see. It’s UNbanking.

  • "Free" Vs Ffrees

    "Free" Current Accounts:

    Hard to budget & compare

    Ffrees Current Account:

    You know what you're paying & can choose how to pay

      Ffrees 10 Santander Everyday Account Halifax Reward Account Lloyds Classic Account
    Unplanned Overdraft Daily Fee 0 4 days 10 days 10 days
    Unpaid Item While in an Unplanned Overdraft 0 1 Unpaid 0 6 Unpaid
    Charges £10 1 £34 £50 £86 2

    Notes: Assumes £25 or more unplanned overdraft. All prices are based on UK transactions

    Correct as of 16/12/2015

    1 Fair usage policy applies   2 Cap of 8 unpaid transaction fees plus £6 monthly usage fee.

  • unrestricted

    The Ffrees Current Account is as innovative and user-friendly as possible. A Visa debit card, simple payment options, accessible statements and our clear dashboard. It’s all there. You just don’t need a bank for this stuff.

  • uncover

    Use your Ffrees debit card for cashback from household name retailers and there are even more online partners in the Ffrees Marketplace. All cashback is added automatically to a separate Jam Jar in your account. Another way Ffrees helps you save.

  • unlimited

    If you can’t find what you’re after in our FAQ section, send us a secure email message, pick up the phone, or post on our social media pages. Our team is here to help; however you choose to contact us.

“ I’d rate 10/10, it’s clear and makes budgeting easy, I know where stuff is and how much money I have left to spend. ” (Ashley) “ Fantastic customer service, quick and efficient banking, simple and easy-to-use website. ” (Aaron) “ With Ffrees there are no ifs and buts, it’s just black and white, you know where you are and how much it costs. ” (Stephen)