Barclays have recently changed the way they charge for overdrafts. Needless to say many people will be paying more. Slipping overdrawn can be a costly business – for example if you overdraw by £100 for a month it could cost you £30 at Halifax. So are overdrafts a good or bad thing? The banks say … Read more

We welcome the good news that unemployment is falling. It is still 6.9% and we have millions out of work, but the trend is in the right direction. With inflation keeping low there is less need for interest rates to go up. Good news for borrowers and those with a mortgage, not so good for savers. And … Read more

Banks rejoice as complaints drop to 2.5million. Yes, that’s right. Two and a half million people complained about their bank service in the last six months of 2013, and the banks are rejoicing because the numbers dropped a bit from the previous half year. When did 2.5million customer complaints about banks become something to celebrate? … Read more

  Ffrees is making a habit of flipping the current account sector on its head; once again, the game is set to change with the release of the brand new Ffrees Diamond Account. Ffrees’ new flagship product is set to land and cap off an unprecedented period of growth, following the latest round of heavy … Read more

With the economy approaching escape velocity, the Chancellor needs to be really brave and unleash the turbo-charger which is the SME sector. I would like to see a raft of proposals in the Autumn Statement to encourage investment in start-ups. Osborne should remove the restriction on EIS relief that currently excludes the founder-directors from participating in tax relief – failing … Read more

Guest Blog – Computer Says Yes

November 28th, 2013 | Posted by Jo in Family Finance - (1 Comments)

By Wayne Guthrie Technology’s potential to make retail banking simpler, safer and more useful is widely acknowledged – but five years on from financial meltdown, we’re still waiting for it to happen. The only thing that can restore confidence now is a clear demonstration that lessons have been learned and action is being taken to … Read more

Payday Mayday

October 11th, 2013 | Posted by Jo in Family Finance - (0 Comments)

There is hysteria about the evils of pay-day-loan-sharks from the media, and Jo wondered about the family unable to pay their rent.  How would they feel if pay-day loan services were made more difficult to access?  How would they be served if heavy regulation simply made the services more expensive to use?  What would they … Read more

ICE-times for the banks

August 19th, 2013 | Posted by Jo in Family Finance - (0 Comments)

“Banks and building societies shut 348 branches last year – and the purge on Britain’s high streets is to intensify this week”, The Sunday Telegraph disclosed on 18th August 2013. Derek French, founder of the Campaign for Community Banking, said: “After the banking crisis, branch closures only really began again in 2009. We think the current situation … Read more