Creating a New Ffrees Account

As a current Ffrees customer with a Ffrees Visa Account, you now have the option to create a second account.

Complete with a contactless Ffrees MasterCard® Card, our new account also gives you access to both direct debits and our new Extra Accounts feature (allowing you to create up to 20 accounts in 1, each with its own account number, sort code and facility to make payments).

It’s the next step in creating an account especially for you and here’s all the information you need on getting started:


When you log in to your Ffrees Account, you’ll be presented with your Dashboard screen. You’ll notice that it looks different, with a blue bar at the top pointing you to the new account. Click on the link provided – or ‘New Account’ beneath your account balance – and you’ll be on your way.

From there, you should follow the steps shown on-screen. This includes a new application process, where we require you to prove your identity for the new account (as we have to do for any new account you open, even if you already have one).

As part of the application, you’ll be able to choose from our new Price Points. They’re laid out in the same way, but now include direct debits, Extra Accounts and much more.

When you’ve completed the application process, we’ll update you in the same way as we did when you first applied for a Ffrees Account. If your application is successful, you’ll be receiving your new contactless Ffrees MasterCard® Card in no time. If not, we’ll let you know what to do next.


First of all, you now have two accounts. When you’ve opened your new account, your Ffrees Visa Account will still be live.

Each time you log in to our website, you’ll be presented with two accounts. You’ll also be able to switch between the two on the Dashboard.

For anyone who wants to move everything over to their Ffrees MasterCard® Account, we’ll even provide a checklist on your Dashboard with important things to remember. The last of these points is to close your Ffrees Visa Account, which you can do by contacting us through secure message.


Why do I have to apply again?

Even though you already have an account with us, this is a process that has to be followed for any new account that you open. The Ffrees MasterCard® Account is a completely new account. You’ll just have to prove your identity in the same way as you did originally, but with our new application it shouldn’t take as long.

Can I have more than one Ffrees MasterCard® Account?

You can’t open more than one – even if you have more than one Ffrees Visa Account – but you can get 20 accounts in 1 within your main account (each coming with its own sort code and account number).

What else is different about the new account?

Rather than being able to call us up on the phone, you’ll have a brand new Live Chat facility, for a quick response to your query. The freshly-designed account also includes a new Dashboard.

Paying in by PayPoint isn’t yet available, but is coming soon, and it’s not possible to make payments internationally or add additional cardholders.