You won’t be left in the dark.

As well as giving you the ffreedom to choose how you pay for your account, we’re clear (we hope) about all of our fees, charges and limits. They’re all spelled out for you here.

Choose your Price Point

5 month

Transaction Fees

Bank Transfer
Overseas Debit Card
UK Debit Card
Monthly fee - No standard monthly fee, however a £2 Dormancy Charge will apply if your account has not been used for two consecutive months.

UK Debit Card Transactions - this charge is for any UK transaction where you pay for something using your Ffrees Card, regardless of how it takes place (e.g. online, over the phone or in-store). The charge doesn't apply for ATM withdrawals or other account-related transactions. Please refer to the pricing above for information on non-UK transactions.

Choose Your Freebie

Transaction Fee
Next-Day Payment Out £2.50
CHAPS £10.00
Pay in with PayPoint (Per Transaction) £2.50
Non-UK ATM withdrawals £2.00
Non-UK Foreign Currency Exchange Rate 2%
Standard International Payment Out £15.00
Urgent International Payment Out £20.00
SMS Notification £0.10
Lost/Stolen or Damaged Cards £5.00
Additional Card £5.00
Paper Statements £2.50
Chargebacks £15.00
Account Closure/Fee Redemption £2.50
Maximum Account Balance £8000
Minimum Payment In £10
Maximum PayPoint Payment In £249 per transaction
Ffrees Card Expiry Your Ffrees Card is valid for 36 months
ATM withdrawal limit £250
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