Ffrees Family Finance launches exclusive offers for British Armed Forces

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12 February 2014

Ffrees Family Finance, the new type of current account provider, today announces exclusive offers on the Ffrees current account for members of the British Armed Forces and their families.

The Ffrees current account is designed to shake up the old-style banking system by actively helping customers to better manage their finances and, uniquely, save money while they spend.

The online Money Manager function ring-fences money into separate ‘JamJars’ to help people pay their rent, monthly utility bills and to save up for a rainy day. The Ffrees current account also rewards customers with “Ffrees” Ffrees Savings Points when they spend at partnered retailers.

Ffrees are today unveiling a special saving offer, paying a welcome gift of £5 worth of Ffrees Savings Points for the Ffrees Family Account, £6 for a Ffrees Plus Account and £7 for a Ffrees Premium Account.

Alex Letts, CEO, Ffrees Family Finance, said:

"We have reinvented the current account to provide a lower cost service that helps people save up. We have started with what modern families actually need instead of being constrained by what ancient systems and ancient history dictate. Our focus is on providing a hassle-free account that helps people save up and manage their bills.

"We're delighted to announce our new current account offers designed specifically to help members of the armed forces and their families, who give such a huge amount everyday to ensuring Britain's future on the international stage." 

No credit check is needed to open an account but applicants must prove they are members of the armed forces.


However you can still sign up to Ffrees.

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