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5 month

Transaction Fees

Bank Transfer
Overseas Debit Card
UK Debit Card
Monthly fee - No standard monthly fee, however a £2 Dormancy Charge will apply if your account has not been used for two consecutive months.

UK Debit Card Transactions - this charge is for any UK transaction where you pay for something using your Ffrees Card, regardless of how it takes place (e.g. online, over the phone or in-store). The charge doesn't apply for ATM withdrawals or other account-related transactions. Please refer to the pricing above for information on non-UK transactions.

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Transaction Fee
Next-Day Payment Out £2.50
CHAPS £10.00
Pay in with PayPoint (Per Transaction) £2.50
Non-UK ATM withdrawals £2.00
Non-UK Foreign Currency Exchange Rate 2%
Standard International Payment Out £15.00
Urgent International Payment Out £20.00
SMS Notification £0.10
Lost/Stolen or Damaged Cards £5.00
Additional Card £5.00
Paper Statements £2.50
Chargebacks £15.00
Account Closure/Fee Redemption £2.50
Maximum Account Balance £8000
Minimum Payment In £10
Maximum PayPoint Payment In £249 per transaction
Ffrees Card Expiry Your Ffrees Card is valid for 36 months
ATM withdrawal limit £250
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