Paying In

Pay in online

You can pay in to your Ffrees Account from the comfort of your home, or out and about via your mobile using bank transfers or standing orders. These are all free.

Set up a standing order or a one-off transfer from an existing bank account by giving the following information:

  • Account Name (your full name)
  • Account Number (you can find this on the account Dashboard after logging in to our website)
  • Sort Code: 62-30-53
  • Bank Name: Natwest1, Exchange Buildings, High Street, Skipton

1Important: You can't pay money in to your account using a NatWest Branch; your account is just held at a centralised account managed by NatWest bank. This isn't the same as having a NatWest bank account, so please don't try and make payments via NatWest.

Your wages, pension, benefits, or other income

This is also completely free. If someone else wants to pay money in to your Ffrees Account, all you need to do is share your account information with them and they can pay you in the normal way.

When will my money be available when payments are made?

Pay in cash by PayPoint

For those who prefer to use cash, you can pay cash in to your Ffrees Account using one of over 28,000 PayPoint outlets in the UK. Just take your Ffrees Card and cash to a PayPoint outlet, they'll then swipe your card and pay the money in to your account. You can pay in up to £500 daily (midnight to midnight), up to £2,500 in a 7-day period, and up to £5,000 in a 30-day period. The money will be available in 15 minutes and there’s a maximum payment of £249 in one go. You can find your nearest PayPoint outlet by logging in to your Ffrees Account and clicking on ‘Pay In’.

A small fee applies to paying in by PayPoint and this varies depending on which Ffrees Account you have.You can see the fee that applies to your own account by logging in to our website and clicking on ‘My Fees’.

Payments between Ffrees Accounts

If you make a payment from a Ffrees Account to another Ffrees Account, the money will be available in around 15 minutes.